It can be caused by many reasons, hair loss (hair loss), also known as "alopecia" is a dermatological disorder that can be caused in certain areas of the scalp; They may be several factors that determine hair loss and can be hereditary, by nerves, stress, emotional disturbances, poor diet, pregnancy, or for different diseases, etc ...

From years ago hair loss has been a masculine aesthetic problem, combines in modern times, as the cause of alopecia is testosterone, the male hormone.

fall-of-cabelloSon Many studies have been done to combat alopecia, and over time it has tried to find solutions or treatments, from the ancient Egyptians who developed various concoctions made from rare combinations to improve or try to end baldness; one of his beliefs was that if smeared fat furry animals to people with balding hair develop again. But hair loss affected not only in Egyptian times, the Greeks were also concerned to seek a cure for baldness problems; developing a special concoction made from opium, horseradish, olive oil and pigeon droppings.

But hair loss is not only an androgen disorder, which only affects men as well as women suffer and is known as female alopecia; however it is more common to see men with no hair, perhaps because in a man are more accustomed while women care more about their image and try to hide alopecia with different solutions, either with the hair fibers or hair prostheses .